Norton'$  Note$

Depicted on the right is His Royal Highness, of course.

The woman at the left must be the goddess Minerva (Athena) who is usually shown wearing a crested helmet, holding a shield and pike. That the sketch is of the goddess is further suggested by the fact that Minerva appears on the Great Seal of California.

(Also compare the bottom most banknote where Minerva is unmistakable in the crest.)

Another comment about Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and strength, recall that she sprang ("birthed") fully grown from Zeus' head.

In a similar way, Emperor Nortonl-1 sprang from His own mind fully installed as Ruler. Because of His strength of conviction He was accepted by San Franciscans and ruled wisely on their behalf.

The woman depicted here is unknown.

If anyone can identify her, please email us her name and/or relationship to Emperor Norton-1.

And don't think this was His Empress beacuse there never was one until the Empress Dowager.

The roundish, black smudge under the words "United States" was an Imperial mark created by rubbing ink onto a coin and then pressing the coin against the note.


The crest printed here seems to be the same as the one below.

This bond may also have a seal affixed (bottom near center).

The seal printed here contains elements of California's 1849 Great Seal.

He could not plagiarize that which He owned, of course.